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When you work with our company you are hiring professionals who specialize in executing safe pet travel planning and logistics. Understanding the rules and intricacies involved with shipping pets overseas can quickly become a time consuming and stressful experience. Each pet is unique as is each move. We give the same knowledge, care, and dedication to each pet we help to move. Whether you are just starting to research your moving options, need to figure out a travel budget for your pet, or would like an extra set of eyes for documentation review, we are here to help.


How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Pet?

Every pet move is unique. Many factors come into play when determining the cost of a pet's travel. For example, the origin and destination cities, the size of your dog or cat, vaccination status, and type of services you require. However, there a few standard costs that are part of most every relocation.

Your pet moving expenses may be a tax-deductible relocation expense if your relocation is due to a change of employment. Consult your tax professional.

Here are a few of the components of a standard pet move:
  • Your pet's airfare (cargo cost) - ranges from $275 - $1,000 in the US to triple the cost for overseas
  • Travel crate - $50 - $450
  • Transportation to and from the airport - $275 or more for one pet
  • Pre-move veterinarian visits - $75 to over $285
  • Vaccination requirements - pricing varies
  • Microchipping - pricing varies
  • International health documents - depends on destination country
  • Import permits - can cost hundreds of dollars
  • Government endorsements - depends on destination country
  • Customs fees - airline will share this with you or check out your destination country's government website to see if custom's fees are listed
  • Quarantine fees - can hundreds of dollars
  • Required licensing for dogs in new country / city - depends on destination


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