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Making Each Pet's Flight Safe as Possible + Each Move a Success

Moving with your pet can feel like a daunting task. Many pet parents worry about their pet's safety when shipping their precious cargo within an airline's cargo hold. As pet parents ourselves we understand your fears and concerns. Our comprehensive planning and professional pet transport services integrate expertise, knowledge, and care into each relocation we do. It is important as a first step to research all options available to make sure you're doing what is best for your pet. We help you do this and take into account your pet's breed, age, health, temperament, and personality. It is also important to consider your final destination, pet friendly housing options, and the time of year you will be traveling. One of the most important components to a successful and stress-free journey for your pet is the travel crate. Choosing the right crate and helping your pet get acclimated to the crate is a crucial part of pet shipping success.

Overview of Our Professional Services

  • Complete pet travel and planning
  • Booking services for all related travel needs, including quarantine, USDA appointments, flight arrangements, pet taxi, pre / post boarding
  • Documentation, health certificates, import permits, consulate endorsement
  • Move day management
  • Comprehensive pet transport services
  • Pet friendly property solutions for landlords and tenants
  • Post move support

About Life Unleashed Pet Movers

With over 40 years of combined animal handling, transportation, and shipping experience Life Unleashed Pet Movers is an international pet moving and pet relocation company that specializes in providing pet travel and moving solutions for corporations, individuals, and vacationers. Our company is a member of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association), ATA (Animal Transportation Association),registered with the USDA as professional animal handlers, and certified as a LAR specialist by the IATA (International Air Transport Association. View More