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We work with you to develop a clear picture of your pet's move and timeframe. We build your plan from learning the details of your origin and destination, your desired move date, pet species, your pet's breed, and age. From there we let you know if it is possible to move your pet and determine whether or not your veterinarian is USDA approved. You must be working with a USDA approved vet for international travel. Once we know all the primary components, we can recommend the proper travel crate and provide travel crate preparation and acclimation tips. explore the best airline routing options, and look into all aspects of the travel process including customs and documentation. We will also have a better estimate of how much it will cost you. We can offer you a more accurate price estimate for your pet's travel budget based upon current information and your desired services (necessary and add-on).


In many instances once you are ready to go forward, you can book your pet's flight. In some cases depending on the country or airline, your pet's cargo can only be booked through an IPATA professional agent such as ourselves. We will also provide you with contacts for trusted airlines and agents to take care of all your pet's moving needs to ensure the safest travel possible. From the airway bill, proper health certificates, import permit advice, and customs documents we will work closely with you, your vet, and the necessary authorities to make sure all documentation is in order. We also have a network of agents located around the world that can help upon arrival at your final destination. We will advise you of how to best utilize the airline's tracking tools to keep tabs on your pet's whereabouts. If anything unexpected should occur, such as a weather delay we are here to help you figure out an alternative plan.


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