Documentation for Animal Travel

Assistance in the required export + import documentation for shipping live pets /animals to the destination country.


Rabies Vaccination Certificate - Most international countries do not accept a three year rabies vaccination. When relocating internationally it is recommended that the rabies vaccination be more than 30 days old and not more than 1 year old.

Health certificates for export / import - The Health Certificate varies from country to country and may require it be in multiple languages. Most require endorsement by the United States Department of Agriculture or stamping by the Consulate of the country where the pet is going to.

Airline Travel Certificate - The Interstate Health Certificate must be issued by an accredited and licensed veterinarian within 10 days of your pet/s flight. It includes a statement that says the pet/s have been vaccinated against rabies, has been examined by a veterinarian and is fit to fly and travel. With colder temperatures a certificate of acclimation may be included that indicates at which temperatures a pet may be safely exposed to.

Import Permits - Some countries require that a pet be issued an import permit in advance of entry.

Tick & Tapeworm Treatment -Some countries require that a tick/ tapeworm treatment be administered a few days in advance before entry. For example, the treatment must have been given to your dog within 1 and 5 days (between 24 and 120 hours) before entering the UK.

Quarantine - Some countries require a period of quarantine upon arrival.



  • Destination Country Documentation Requirements
  • Accredited Veterinarian Health Exam & Test Requirements
  • International Health Certificates
  • U.S. Government Health Certificates
  • CITES Import/Export Permits, Transit Permits & Testing Permits
  • USDA Approved Kennels/Crates
  • USDA Quarantine/Boarding
  • Air Freight/Delivery
  • USDA Approved Quarantine/Isolation Facility
  • Shipping Logistics + Coordination

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